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Frequently asked questions

1Where can I buy Commodore LEO ?

You can buy Commodore LEO in shops, on our eshop and on Amazon platform.

2How long does the shipping take? How can i track it?

The shipping process is managed by Amazon if you use Amazon marketplace service. it usually takes 1-5 days to reach destination. After purchasing our product you will recive an email from Amazon service with your tracking number to check the progression of your shipping. If you use our eshop the product arrives in 1-10 days depending on Stripe payment verification service. In case of different billing and shipping address the delivery can take 10+ days for security control.

3Wich mobile couriers is Commodore LEO compatible with?

Please visit Commodore LEO specs page for more details

4Are Commodore products available in my country?

You can see if a Commodore product can be sold to your country by checking it on Amazon platform.

5Can I add a different charger adapter?

Commodore LEO is sold with EU charger adapter. Alternative versions are not available at the moment. However, all of our power cables are compatible with most of the USB charger adapter. You can use yours internationally with a proper converter (pay attention to V and Hz value).

1How do I repair my device?

Please open a ticket with our operators. Our team will check the problem with you to assure that it can't be fixed by selfrepair, in that case they will manage the shipping to the factory with you. Please be aware that the 1 year limited warranty only covers product defects caused by workmanship or build materials. Shipping costs to the collection point are not included. We may use rebuilt, reconditioned or new parts and components when repairing any product. Alternatively, we may replace the defective product entirely with a rebuilt, reconditioned or new Commodore product. Software can be totally erased and our company will not be responsible about any data lost in the process. We suggest you to make a complete backup before sending your device.

2What is the price if I have broken my phone's screen/glass?
The price of substitution in case of broken screen/glass is € 129,00 + shipment.

Please open a ticket with our operators to arrange the substitution of your device. Remember to make a full backup of your current device data before sending it to the support center.

3Where can I find the user manual?

A copy of the original device user manual can be downloaded at the downloads section of this page

4Will rooting or unlocking the bootloader void my warranty?


5Is Commodore phone waterproof or water resistant?

All Commodore phones are not certified for water and dust resistance. However, our phones can hold up to day-to-day environmental factors. Please be aware that your warranty may be void if liquid damage indicators inside your device are triggered.

6What should I do if I recived a broken phone?

Before we take you through the refund process, we would first want to apologize for the mishap and inconvenience.

In case you have bought it on Amazon marketplace: for the first 30 days you must follow the procedure on Amazon replace and refound service. You can find more information here. It's important to add your Amazon order number to make the process faster.

In case you have bought it on Commodore CBM eshop: Please open a ticket with our operators and make an accurate description of the problem.

. It's important to write your device IMEI in the request, your order date and number and the tracking number of the shipping service. After that our team will contact you to manage the return and replacement procedure.

7Can I purchase specifics parts for my device?

We do not sell specific parts at the moment.


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