Commodore Business Machines

Our Story

In the year 2015, as Commodore Business Machines we obtained the Commodore brand rights within 38 countries all over the world to build and sell smartphones and accessories.

In 2015 we presented an awesome, unlocked smartphone:
the Commodore PET.
PET has been a great success, and we were totally unprepared to handle such numbers.
We were shocked by the enormous and unexpected number of orders, because of that we have worked hard to reorganize the company in the past year to respond to all your requests.
In 2016 we have worked on a new solid and fashion device:
the Commodore LEO.
Designed and built to last, LEO is now available on the world's most important web distributor: Amazon.
We are now working on the distribution network to let you buy Commodore products in your local shop. We also have a totally new support system and team, to guarantee the assistance you deserve in any case.
Thanks to the established partnership with major Asian technology manufacturers, distribution partners such as Amazon, a growing corporate organization and a new set up of warehouses, Commodore Business Machines is ready to strike the main market again.

Our goal is to put again the Commodore brand in the market as it deserves,
by producing awesome devices at fair prices.

Massimo Canigiani - President


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